Monday, November 29, 2004

Sabri's "Biggest Supporter"

From the Strib (November 29th),

"Council Member Dean Zimmermann is considered Sabri's biggest supporter on the council, but even he admits to mixed opinions.

"He's come in and developed areas that had been languishing for a long time," Zimmermann said. Both council members acknowledge that they hear complaints about Sabri, but "we also hear he's really great," Zimmermann said.

He said he doesn't think Sabri is much different than many developers working in the city.
Unlike most developers, however, Sabri will be in federal court in St. Paul today fighting for his future. "

[b]The Strib also mentions that the trial may reveal the identity of another city council member who took a bribe from Sabri....I wonder who that could be?[/b]

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Green Party in Debasement

From the Mpls Issues Forum:


What's up with the Green Party?

Isn't CM Dean Zimmerman a Green?

If so, what's up with his introducing, pushing and voting for making an
exemption to the city’s shoreline height ordinance and Shoreland Overlay
District last Friday (I believe) to allow a building far taller than normally
allowed by law on East Calhoun Parkway, over the objections of the vast
majority of neighbors, concerned citizens and even a resolution by the Park
Board -- where he formerly served as a commissioner?

It looks like a complete sell-out to developers who have but one value in
mind: more profit.

It just doesn't add up.


Incidentally, someone just let me know that the Green Party has lost its major party status.