Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Pod Man Out

Hmmmm... So Councilmember Dean Zimmermann who has spent much of his term in office either snoozing through meetings or boring everyone with his nutty scheme to build a $600 Million "Personal Rapid Transit" system in South Minneapolis and was a no-show at the T&PW Committee Washburn High School meeting concerning the Crosstown Project on June 14th just woke up to the fact that Hennepin County and their friends at MnDOT plan to widen Lake Street and other nasty things. He asked the List Manager of Minneapolis Issues, David Brauer to forward an open letter signed by 5 councilmembers asking important questions about Hennepin County's plan to turn Lake Street into a kinder, gentler version of a racetrack at the Bemidji Speedway. What's odd is that Zimmermann... or a person impersonating Zimmermann has posted on the Issues List before....Not to be petty, Minneapolis Confidential salutes Dean's newfound interest in transit and urban design. We hope he continues to show as much down-to-Earth concern about Lake Street and 35W as his hardworking colleagues Councilmember Lilligren and Councilmember Niziolek.

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