Saturday, January 15, 2005

Where's That Giant Air Freshener!?!

The Mayor sends out campaign literature at taxpayers' expense.
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Anonymous said...

Pat Anderson's picture is featured prominently on the
State Auditor's website with a link to a puff piece
biography that should make eligible for sainthood upon her death.

Ironically, the link to her opinion that R.T. Rybak's newsletter is illegal sits directly next to Anderson's smiling visage on the State Auditor's Webpage.

Perhaps the law that Rybak violated needs to be
expanded to statewide agencies and offices. Clearly,
Ms. Anderson is using a state website to promote her
own political career.

By the way, I recently saw a Smith Parker produced newsletter for the Phillips Partnership. Who pays for that crap?

I bet we do one way or the other. As "our" elected officials trade favors with the corporate big players, we get another marketing morsel on the wonderful I-35W Access project and partner profiles of a Ryan Companies' executive. Both Peter "let me stand next to the fire" McLaughlin and R.T. "spin 'round like a record" Rybak are listed as partners (representing
Hennepin County and Minneapolis respectively).

Gawd, I hope someone runs against these jokers for mayor. . . .