Monday, August 08, 2005

Dean Zimmermann, Sock Puppet or Split Personality?

Councilman Dean Zimmermann has been posting on the Mpls Issues List recently. What's weird about Dean's posts is they don't sound anything like the gruff, terse Dean that sits on the Minneapolis City Council. In this post , Zimmermann refers to himself in the third person:


Hard to know where to start in responding to these professional Green Party bashers. If you can't think of anything factual just make something up and throw it at the wall to see what sticks. Dean Zimmermann has a Farheen Hakeem for mayor of Minneapolis sign on the fence at his house. Jay Pond had to decide whether to serve as Farheen's campaign manager or run for City Council - he chose to stay with Farheen's campaign. Zimmermann was endorsed by the Green Party with 94% of the vote. Oh, yawn.

Dean Zimmermann
Mpls City Council - Ward 6

"Oh, yawn"?

Hmmmmm... sounds more like Jenny Heiser, Dean's wife.

More Zimmermann news--from the Minneapolis Observer:


IN OTHER ACTION, the council approved the condo conversion plan for the former Whitney Hotel, despite Schiff's contention that the design amounted to "the most dramatic alteration to a historic building in the city in recent years."

Schiff argued that the proposed design of the historic Milling District building-especially the replacement of windows and addition of balconies-amounted to a "sad loss" of a historic treasure on the riverfront. But Zimmermann argued that the changes were "insignificant" and that the $4.6 million project was not "out of line" with the character of the historic district.


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