Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gary Dean Zimmmermann Still Asking for the "Money, Money, Money"

The following letter was posted on David Shove's Progressive Calendar. Jenny Heiser, Dean Zimmermann's attack-wife implores the Zimmer-cult to wish her husband, Dean Zimmermann a happy birthday (and give Dean gifts and more “money, money, money”:

From: Jenny Heiser
Subject: Dean Z birthday 6.06

Dean's 65th birthday is next Wednesday, June 6. I know he'd love to
receive a greeting from you, even if it gets there a day or two late.
Here's his address:

Gary D. Zimmermann, #12696-041
FCI Englewood/Satellite Camp
9595 W. Quincy Ave
Littleton, CO 80123

In mid-April I was able to travel to Littleton, CO to visit with Dean.He's lost over 25 lbs. and looks fine. More on this visit in another message.

Here's the address for a web-blog created by friends for Dean. Feel free to post a message, I'll send them to him at least once a week.

Reading is a major pastime for Dean. Here's a link to a reading "Wish List" that his brother, Joel, created for Dean in case you'd to send him a book (HYPERLINK) It would be best to let Amazon send him the book you choose because of very stringent prison rules around what Dean can receive and the packaging he can receive books in.)

Dean is earning approximately $25/month. This just covers his expenses related to correspondence. His phone cards cost him $90/month. He'd love to purchase a radio from the prison commissary (no, you nor I can send him a radio). If you feel so moved, please consider contributing to his legal defense fund to help cover these costs, and either David Tilsen or Scott Cramer will see that your contribution gets put into Dean's prison commissary account:

Zimmermann for Justice
c/o David Tilsen
3220-10th Ave So
Mpls, MN 55407

Please feel free to share this information with others. More in another message with information about what you need to do if you think you'll be in the Denver area this summer or fall and wish to visit with Dean.

Love & peace to all!


Jenny Heiser & Dean Zimmermann
2200 Clinton Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404-3655

This is likely the first of many attempts we'll see to rehabilitate Gary Dean Zimmermann's image. No doubt, the Zimmer-cult is encouraged by the fact that U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose refuses to give the FBI tapes shown in open court to the media. Those tapes would dispel any doubt that Zimmermann is guilty of soliciting and accepting bribes from a Hummer-driving developer who raised money for Senator Norm Coleman.

In other news, Zimmermann's PRT pod pal, Rep. Mark Olson's trial for domestic assault has been postponed (again) to July.

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