Friday, May 23, 2008

Jeral Poskey - Supports Dean Zimmermann and John McCain

When Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was a state senator, she told a reporter:

"People on the right, people on the left, we have the common goal of moving people with transit, but doing it in the most cost-effective manner, in fact, in a manner that may end up costing no government subsidy, it may end up paying for itself."

Jeral Poskey, former executive at Taxi 2000 and former head of the PRT-promoting Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) is a contributor to John McCain's campaign... but I remember when he defended Dean Zimmermann on the Minneapolis Issues forum:

Zimmermann conviction

From: Jeral Poskey Date: 2006 Aug 16 17:45 UTC Short link

I hesitate to re-open this wound to the city, but W. Brandon Lacy Campos wrote

something that has been disturbing me for the last several days: "I have to say that I am a bit saddened by Barb Lickness's Verdict Party taking place

This is akin to celebrating Hurricane Katrina because you really disliked FEMA director Michael Brown. I'm sorry, but I don't see how anyone can delight in a verdict that paints a stain on the city of Minneapolis.

I'm curious who else was at this Verdict Party. Who else put their personal grudges and grievances ahead of the city's well being?

Fortunately, I recently stepped down from my position on the board of the NorthLoop Neighborhood Association, as I would have found it very hard to work professionally with Barb knowing that she could find such enjoyment in a dark day in our city's history.

I hope I am wrong and read that out of context, but these are the thoughts that
have been burning my brain the last several days.

Jeral Poskey
North Loop

Watch a video Poskey made for his pod-pals ... funny that he says he's no longer the ATRA chairman when the ATRA website still claims he is the chairman... maybe ATRA will appoint Dean Zimmermann chairman when he gets out of jail in July.

Speaking of PRT, here's author James Howard Kunstler's podcast about the pod people:

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