Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dean Zimmermann and the "Money, Money, Money."

While I'm waiting for the Feds to decide what to do with Councilman Dean Zimmermann, I thought I'd take a look at Dean's latest campaign finance statement (PDF file) filed with Hennepin County.

One item that really looked interesting was a bunch of expenditures totalling at least 3 thousand dollars* to "River Aide Consulting". I Googled River Aide Consulting and came up with nothing. I looked River Aide Consulting up in the phone book... again nothing. By chance, I noticed that River Aide Consulting had the same address as Park Board candidate Annie Young... interesting!

Speaking of Annie Young, her old website, has gone smutty.

Speaking of porno-greens:

*Apparently not $16k I incorrectly stated earlier.

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