Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dean Zimmermann's Raccoon Eyes

Yesterday I posted a couple accounts of Dean Zimmerman's 2001, pre-election, back-alley fracas

Perhaps the weirdest detail of this very weird tale is that both Dean Zimmermann and Jenny Heiser, now Mrs. Zimmermann sported "raccoon eyes"-- two black eyes each. What are the chances of Dean and Jenny receiving this identical injury?

There is another possible explanation for how two people can have identical "raccoon eyes":

‘Black eyes’ and bruising. The kinetic energy from a blow which is transmitted through the head and brain is expelled through soft tissue, eg. the eyes, and behind the ears (‘Battle’s sign’). Bruising at these points indicates that the head has suffered exposure to considerable force.
It should be remembered that just because a casualty has two black eyes (Raccoon eyes), this does not necessarily mean that he or she has been struck in the face. ‘Raccoon eyes’ may indicate a forceful impact elsewhere on the skull.

Sounds more like they got into a car crash or were butting heads like goats.

Nah... raccoon-eyed crime-busters are way more believable... especially just before an election.

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