Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wife of Minneapolis Councilman Zimmermann and the "Gang of Five"

On the Minneapolis Issues List, Jenny Heiser, wife of the ethically challenged Dean Zimmermann goes after her husband's critics with a vengeance

"Furthermore, for the enlightenment of list members, Russell Raczkowski, Liz McLemore, Ken Avidor (also known to many as *** ******), a fourth person who's name we were never quite certain of, and Mark Knapp, formerly ofMinneapolis (at least we are hoping fervently that that's the case) are known in some Green Party circles as, "The Gang of Five." Although claiming
to be Greens, they seem to spend the bulk of their time (which seems prodigious) sandbagging Green candidates and campaigns. Some of us have suspected for awhile now that they are either self-appointed or paid
political saboteurs (imagine THAT in good ol' Minnesota!). Believe it folks, this is one of many reasons why 3rd parties have a nearly impossible time getting established and taking hold in the U.S."

One of the "Gang of Five" responds

"Since Jenny Heiser implies that I and other STRIDE members are paid political saboteurs and that our goal is destruction of third parties (neither of which is true)..."

Will the FBI will shift its investigation from Zimmermann to the "Gang of Five"?

Stay tuned.

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