Saturday, October 01, 2005

Zimmermann and Basim Sabri

Ed Felein 4 years ago:


Does she [Sharon Sayles-Belton] share any of the blame for the Brian Herron scandal? It was her ward for eight years. She knew the players. She must have had some idea of what Herron was doing. She knew Basim Sabri. She has said, “He’s not one of my volunteers.” Of course not. Sabri doesn’t go out doorknocking. But he was a generous contributor, and he expected favors in return. It would have been useful to have Sayles Belton answer questions about her relationship with Sabri


From the Strib (November 29th 2004)

"Council Member Dean Zimmermann is considered Sabri's biggest supporter on the council, but even he admits to mixed opinions.
"He's come in and developed areas that had been languishing for a long time," Zimmermann said. Both council members acknowledge that they hear complaints about Sabri, but "we also hear he's really great," Zimmermann said.
He said he doesn't think Sabri is much different than many developers working in the city."

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