Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Strib: Zimmermann Accuses Prosecutor of Lying

The Strib's Randy Furst on the Zimmermann's cross-examination this morning:

In his cross-examination, Docherty led Zimmermann through the transcript of an interview two FBI agents conducted with him Sept. 8, 2005.

In relentless detail, Docherty attempted to show that Zimmermann repeatedly lied to the agents, first denying that he had taken any cash payments from Carlson, then gradually admitting that he did, then claiming all the cash was at home in his desk. Then he acknowledged that he had spent most of it.

Zimmermann testified that he panicked during the FBI interview which was why he misled the agents, but denied that he considered the payments payoffs for trying to help Carlson win a zoning change and get a shopping mall built for Somali immigrants.

At one point Zimmermann claimed that Docherty had lied in his opening statement, causing Docherty to object to his characterization.

What I heard Zimmermann had said was "At least my lies aren't scripted."

Update: Zimmermann actually said to the prosecutor that a lie " "would be something like your opening statement to the jury."

Closing arguments tomorrow.

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