Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Strib: "Zimmermann 'surprised' at getting cash"

Article in today's Star Tribune Star Tribune about Zimmerman's testimony Monday.

There appears to be a few minor errors in this article (Thompson instead of Taylor).

I am grateful that the Star Tribune has assigned Randy Furst full-time to the trial. Furst has done a good job covering the trial. Here are links to his articles at Yahoo News Search. MPR has a reporter at the trial, but I haven't heard his reports or found a link on the MPR web site.

It's too bad that other publications haven't sent reporters to cover the trial full-time. Perhaps they are waiting for the tapes and transcripts.

Today, the government will cross-examine Zimmermann and there may be closing statements.

Liz McLemore will be at the trial today. Read her notes on Day 4 HERE.

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