Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 5 of the Zimmermann Trial- The Prosecution Rests (and so do I)

In today's session, an FBI agent took the stand. U.S. Attorney John Docherty played an audio tape of the two agents assigned to the case questioning Zimmermann about receiving cash from Carlson. At the beginning of the tape the agent clearly explains to Zimmermann that he doesn't have to talk. They explain that they are investigating corruption at City Hall and Zimmermann had become a part of that investigation. They tell him that he is not under arrest, that he won't be arrested that day and that he was free to go at any time. Zimmermann chose to stay and talk with the agents.

The tape runs for one hour and forty-five minutes and it is edited from nearly two and and a half hours of tape.

The best description I can give is that Zimmermann sounded like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Every time he lied, the FBI agents showed him videotape or audio tape with him accepting money or asking for money or instructing Carlson on how to contribute above the legal llimits to his campaign.

In the end it becomes clear that Zimmermann spent the cash.

When the FBI asks Zimmermann where a one thousand dollars cash contribution went, Zimmermann replies, "All over the place".

We will have detailed notes later and transcripts eventually .

The Star Tribune has the story here.

A personal note: For several years, I have felt like Don Quixote, Ishmael from "Moby Dick" and the Ancient Mariner combined. I have told my tale of a Green Party gone bad to everyone who would listen. Very often, people would react by telling me that Dean Zimmmermann was a good friend and good person. Some people went even further to question my motives. Rumors were spread by Ziimmermann's supporters that I was "out to get Dean" and worse.

When this trial is over, whether he is found innocent or guilty, the tapes and the transcripts will reveal the real Dean Zimmermann.

This blog will be continued by others as an archive of material for anyone who wants to learn the truth about Dean Zimmermann.

As for me, I rest my case.

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